Preparing to finalize your divorce

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As you go through the divorce process, you will be subject to an emotional rollercoaster as you end your marriage. However, your ride will start to slow when you prepare to finalize your divorce.

As you prepare to finalize your divorce, ensure you are familiar with the final steps to end your marriage.

The hearing

Before finalizing your divorce, you need to have a court hearing. That allows the judge to review each spouse’s requests. Then, the judge can grant you your divorce documents.

However, it is essential to remember that a judge cannot grant your divorce until you have gone through a waiting period after your petition. Therefore, schedule your hearing after this period so you do not have to return to court. How you organize your hearing varies between county courts. Check with your court to ensure you have the correct information.

Expressing terms

You must attend a short hearing if you and your spouse are settling outside of court. There, you will present the terms of your divorce. Many courts also started offering an affidavit that you can fill out. It is similar to holding a divorce hearing but does not require that you appear in person. Instead, the testimony asks the same questions a judge would in your hearing.

Knowing these events are coming up will help you prepare so you can put your best foot forward and end the divorce peacefully. Once you have accomplished these tasks, you will be free to continue with the next chapter in your life.