Wipe The Slate Clean With A Bankruptcy

Overwhelming debts can push a person to their emotional limit and cause long-term financial problems. If you cannot afford your minimum debt payments or are experiencing financial hardship, then you should consider filing for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing will stop the harassing calls from creditors and get you relief from crushing debt payments.

At Law Office of D. Scott Wesley, PLLC, we help people in Sarasota, DeSoto and Manatee counties and the surrounding area get relief from their debts. Our experienced lawyer will help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice, and he will handle every detail of your filing. You can talk to our attorney in a free 30-minute consultation by calling our Sarasota office at 941-951-6733.

What Type Of Bankruptcy Filing Is Right For Me?

There are multiple types of personal bankruptcy filings that can help you either eliminate or reorganize your debts. Our firm assists clients with Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. Our attorney will review your finances and create a personalized plan that allows you to get the best possible outcome for your debts.

Here are the main differences between the two types of filing that our firm helps with:

  • Chapter 7 filing: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing allows you to remove unsecured debts without a repayment plan. This type of filing requires filers to sell assets to repay their debts. Some assets, such as a family home or vehicle, may be exempt from sale depending on the filer’s circumstances.
  • Chapter 11 filing: A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing allows a person to reorganize their debts into a more manageable repayment plan. While Chapter 11 filings are commonly used for businesses, qualifying individuals may also use this type of filing. This type of bankruptcy filing requires the filer to have an income so that they can afford to repay their reorganized debts.

When Is The Right Time To File For Bankruptcy?

Many people make the mistake of waiting until they are late on their debt payments to start thinking about bankruptcy. While a bankruptcy filing can help people who already have overwhelming debt, starting the process earlier can prevent further damage to your finances. If you are beginning to have issues with your finances, contact our office to see if filing for bankruptcy is a better option.

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