Co-parenting success tips

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Separating a family is never an easy task, and it is especially hard on children. Although most courts try to find a way to keep both parents in the lives of their children, this process can be difficult for all parties involved.

When a judge awards joint custody, the parents need to find a way to work together to co-parent their children. These are a few tips to promote co-parenting success.

Focus on the children

Parents’ primary goal should be to protect their children from emotional distress during and after family separation. Therefore, both parents need to focus their attention on their children’s needs.

Pursue proper communication

Both parents should pursue open communication. They should set aside any pain and hurt so they can effectively speak with one another. They should share information about the children through multiple communication methods, but arguments should be private. Parents should act friendly toward each other during drop-offs and pick-ups.

When they are around their children, parents should avoid speaking negatively about each other. They should keep their emotions, especially their anger and hurt, away from their children. Kids should never feel as if they are in the middle and should not act as messengers.

Build a co-parenting team

Parents should be teams. They need consistent rules, punishments and rewards. They should have consistent schedules and routines, and they should make important decisions about medical, financial and educational issues together.

To protect your children, treat your former partner with respect and kindness, putting your children first. Start building a new, trusting relationship that will help your kids adjust and enjoy their time with each of you.