Pick the right custody transfer location early

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If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have decided on a time-sharing arrangement for your kids, you should probably expect some friction. After all, adjusting to a post-divorce way of life can be challenging, especially if you and your spouse have different parenting styles.

You can probably minimize a great deal of conflict by negotiating a comprehensive custody agreement or parenting plan. While you may want to address parenting time, medical care, religious practices and other important matters, you should not neglect to pin down the location of your custody transfer.

What is a custody transfer?

Your custody transfer is simply the meeting you have with your children’s co-parent to exchange the kids at the beginnings and ends of your scheduled parenting time.

The timing of the transfer is a common component of any custody agreement or parenting plan. Still, by adding other details, such as the location of the transfer site, you set reasonable expectations to which everyone in your family can easily adhere.

What makes an ideal transfer location?

In theory, many places may be good candidates for a transfer location. Nevertheless, ideal locations usually have the following features:

  • Neutrality
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Safety

Can you change locations later?

If you set the location of your custody transfer in your custody agreement or parenting plan, you and your spouse must meet at the site you picked. Nevertheless, it is usually possible to modify your agreement to change the location of your custody transfer.

Ultimately, if the custody transfer becomes inconvenient or unsafe, you can likely find a transfer site that better meets the needs of your post-divorce family.