3 signs it might be time for divorce

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Divorce can be a difficult and painful process that you would, no doubt, prefer to avoid. Nevertheless, sometimes a relationship deteriorates to the point that salvaging it would be impossible.

You may question whether your marriage has reached that point. No one else can make that determination for you because you know more than anyone what you can tolerate and to what degree. However, the time may be right if the following signs are present.

1. Constant conflict

It is healthy for married couples to have an argument once in a while. You and your spouse would be abnormal if you did not have an occasional spat. However, if you and your spouse get into an argument almost every day, it may not make sense to continue the relationship.

Pay attention to how you feel when around your spouse. It is a sign of trouble if you feel irritated by almost everything about him or her.

2. Lack of affection

A lack of intimacy and affection, physical or otherwise, can signal a relationship that is too damaged to continue. Think about the last time that you and your spouse kissed, held hands or laughed with one another. Maybe it has been a long time, or maybe you do not even remember when it was.

3. Outside help

Sometimes couples can only work out their differences and save their marriages with the help of a professional. Have you made an effort to work through your problems with the help of a couples’ therapist or counselor? If so, did you and your spouse both participate willingly and put in a good-faith effort? If honest attempts at working out problems have failed, divorce may be the only reasonable course of action.